1.    Break the small breasts don’t have milk rumors

I am Asia, which are famous as small boobs, but when my baby drinks milk, the milk will squirt out all over her face. So please have the confidence to feed your baby for a year, it is very good for your baby.

 2.   Workout

Workout strengthens your immune system, no one can be that strong without enough sleeping in the night and workout.  Also workout can boost your metabolism to help you produce more high-quality milk. Don’t think you don’t have the time, only 10-15  minutes, every other day will still working, and you will get multiply productive efforts: Keep fit, active rest, and a truly mama cow.

3.   Blue Apron

Blue Apron delivers ingredients for each meal every week – you don’t have to think what to eat for the next meal, and saved your shopping time.  Every meal is nutritious and different. We used Blue Apron for 6 months now, there is no single meal duplicated. You can enjoy the American, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Japanese, etc.  Besides you can choose how many meals you want to be delivered. It’s only $9.99 for each person for every meal, way cheaper than take out.

4.   A smart app to track the activities – Air Bear

Air bear tracks every feeding activities, tells me how many minutes I have fed from left and right, and give you a daily report of what you did.  And, it is fun.  After each feeding, the app will give me hi-5 or award to encourage me to go on feeding and forget about the early stage of sore nipples and how tough I had to wake up in the middle of the night.

5.  Listen to your boobs.

Theoretically, the milk volume depends on how much your baby intakes, so when you feel too much milk in your boobs, that means your baby is hungry, at least for the first six months.

6.  Don’t switch boobs so fast

Depending on the speed of your milk, you at least need to feed your baby 6-10 minutes each side.  The fat nutrition ingredients will come after initial watery part, which babies need to development brains.  People never talk about it, but it is the most important fact.

Have fun being a new Mom

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