What does “Practice” mean?  I thought it means do exercise by following a model.  Such as practice piano, practice acting. 

For a long time, I couldn’t find a verb for Yoga.  I always said “do” Yoga, because in Chinese “doing something” means an action.  Though my husband said it is wrong, I said sometimes we do say, play taiji, do exercises, I obviously couldn’t put play here.  But, attending some from yoga class here, now I realize Yoga can be practiced. 

When I ask one of my colleague what she did before, she said, “I practiced law”.  I thought it is so interesting.  I thought the meaning of “practice” here may be “following a model” mean, but it doesn’t have the major exercise component.  I couldn’t help thinking it is funny to treat an occupation as always “practicing” something, rather than “do” something.  Do lawyers always repeatedly have an "exercise" on law. I really couldn’t figure it out.  Maybe my lawyer friends can put comments underneath to explain to me.

Very interesting English, as I live in American longer, I realized that a lot of times, our education is not so effective to learning a foreign language.  A lot of people got high scores in English, but they barely talk, they seldom have American friends to introduce them some American different cultures and the real language they actually speak.  They pronunciation is a great example.  I thought I am from Shanghai, had 12 + year English study and always speak English in the family and work regularly, my English is good.  But I still get pointed out all the time from my American husband that my “r” and “l” are messed up.  Only the environment and the people you communicate are the keys to understand the language better.  

So Chinese, no matter you are in China or in American, go out to hang out with more American friends to learn, understand and speak better English, if you really want to improve it.

8/19/2012 11:37:32 am

Awesome post! you continue to impress me- very well thought out and it really puts to light what practice is

10/28/2013 03:10:18 am

Where can I find out when this was posted?

10/28/2013 05:57:05 am

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