A lot of my friends in the US suggested that I should try English doctors rather than Chinese speaking doctors.  I was nervous about whether I could totally understand what they said regarding some more technical terminology.  But my friends said it is their job to explain to you until you understand, it is also a step of my “Americanization” process, which I will accept American Medical and Health Care system since I am in the US. 

I have to say, my initial worries were not necessary. The doctors here are so nice, unlike ones in China who are always blaming patients as if they were  unapproving parents.  Doctors in the US treat patients as their parents instead. They speak to me so gently, and very professionally explain the vocabulary to me even known by American middle-school students.  The facilities in the US are also so advanced.  I even can watch Netflix in some of the clinics. 

Sometime, as a foreigner, if you don’t have the courage to try the local things, you will never know if it is actually pretty good for you, or better or much better than you had experienced in your own country.  If you never tried daily things and step your toe into the “water” to test it, you will never get the chance to know what really a local people will do; thus you will never belong to the local society. 

February is my favorite Month.  It is nice and short  - a lot of things to celebrate: Valentines, my birthday, my dating anniversary, and sometimes we have Chinese New Year in February.   I also think we are so lucky that we work less days in February than a typical month, but we still get the same amount of salary.  However, I think the short month also applies to the payment, such as rent and gym membership, also you could end up spend more on holiday celebration.  If you  have some projects, it also allows you have less time to finish your goal. I guess it is fair, just couldn’t figure out why Febuary is shorter than any other months.

I am really good at Math, but I couldn’t figure out which one, Money or Time is more priority for me. 

I went to do laundry every weekend.  In New York City, if you do it yourself in the community laundry room, it will save more than half of cost when you send them to the laundry shop to have them washed,  folded, and delivered to your door.  We are talking about $8 vs. $ 18.  But for $10 you don’t have to go to one block away laundry room three times totally about 2.5 hours and fight for washing machines with other people.   People said it is not a difficult question, just spend $10 and relax.  But living in Manhattan you have to be frugal, for a month you can save $40, for a year, you can save $480, and on weekend, you have to admit that you sometimes have extra time available, which doesn’t create any value. 

The same thinking applies to go to Target trip (I call it a "trip") for grocery shopping, spending 1.5 hours on the bus to save about $30 per trip, versus ordering online with minimum $49 to be able to qualified on free shipping on Soap.com.  It’s really hard to balance which way provides more life time value (at least living in New York City).

I hope some Math geeks can come up with a Money –Time Formula, put a lot of elements in to it and analyze which way will bring more life time value.  A Chinese concept describes life as a complicated book, I guess who can figure it out, can win Noble Prize for Peace.  Or maybe it is only the confusing question for low-to-middle class that the value difference between time and money are not too significant... What do you think?