Are you happy? It’s a simple question, but it is difficult to answer.

People have different expectations of happiness.  My mom thinks if relatives don’t have troubles in life, her daughter is healthy and will have a baby soon – that can be defined as happiness.  I am thinking that I can marry a reliable man as my husband and meet true love is happiness. My software friend @Leonmax thinks that working on the projects he has passion on, even though he worked super overtime, is a kind of happiness. 

Think how many hours in your entire day you are happy? When you are getting up, working, commuting, or at home,  are you happy all the time?  I have to say, People who enjoy the work will feel happy most of the time.  Why, they don’t need work-life balance anymore, because they combine the work and life together.  When they are working, they devote their passion on it.  When they are on the way home, they’re still composing the data, or listening business books via Audible.   When they are at home, they are still thinking about how to improve the idea and strategy for work.  Many people are struggling with time, money, life, or stress to make their feel happier.  But people who enjoy the work don’t need to give up too many things.  Their happiness on the work can convert to the efficiency to work.  They are enjoying the life with the work at this moment.

I hope everyone can enjoy what they are working on.  Even though the circumstance sometime don’t allow us to choose whatever we like to work.  But don’t give up the goal and dream.  Life is short, try to enjoy it.

I recently found myself in a game of pick up sticks with my husband.  Interesting to think how people from different cultures, speaking different languages play the same game – even with a few slight rule differences. 

However, I had an interesting thought when we were playing.  My husband seldom uses stick to help to flick other sticks, instead he prefers to use his hand picking the one that on the top of other sticks.  That makes me realize that we actually have different thinking style and structure to solve problems because we have different cultures and social norms. 

A lot of employers, from innovative startups to decades old multinationals, should consider this point to actively hire foreign people as a way to help their company think through strategies, approaches, services, and products outside of the “American” box. Nowadays, new ideas are the money.  The more dynamic employees a company has, the more they can think differently and meet different niche market needs. 

If you want to be on the edge, don’t reject foreign talents… Now all we need is help from legislation reform and startup visas!