Today is my last day in LA, I moved here from Arizona since mid sept, and looked for some opportunity here.  I lived around beach area for the half time and korea town for the half time. I enjoyed it.  Southern California has unbeatable weather and beaches, interesting and strange street scene, and delicious korea food and coffee.   I will definitely miss the unique street fruits and ice cream truck and running every day on the street to discover some interesting things such as food stamp, water station and EBT.   

Although I didn’t find some opportunity here.   I met some difficulties such as people are not hiring international people, getting few responses from my application, and not popular in the job fairs.  But I learned a lot during this three months.  I learn how to position myself, how to establish my own personal brand, and how to approach the companies I am interested.  

We will move to NYC this coming new year.   Our new life will start there in NYC, the most exciting cosmopolitan city in the world.  I wish my talent will be explored in the city with such a dynamic culture.  I am ready for the new year, new life and new interesting discovery.  Welcome to my world, NYC!!!

Nobu is not a simply restaurant, it is a luxury brand, it is an upscale experience, which most of people won’t have the opportunity to enjoy. 

On Christmas Eve, I got the chance to go to Nobu, Known as “Iron Chef” Masaharu Morimoto who used to be its executive chef.  Morimoto is a famous Japanese fusion chef. Based on traditional Japanese ingredients, he develops New York-style Japanese food, and Nobu continues to carry his fusion style.  That is why I - a Japanese food fan- have no idea about parts of the menu, and ask a lot of questions to the waiter.  Another word, majority people there, if they go to Nobu for the first time, they have no idea what they will get and present.  They just go there to experience the best “Japanese food” in Los Angeles.  The top reputation also comes with the high price. We ordered 3 glasses of champion, 4-5 small dishes, and 2 desserts, but were suggested by the smiling waiter to order more sushi dishes.  However, we normally eat less to reach the happy degree, but it costs us almost $300.  I will think on average, people will spend $200 per person here, and eat the food which they have no idea.  Why?  Just like me, many people want to experience the brand, luxury lifestyle, and upscale food.

The dishes had amazing and unique tastes.  They either use traditional ingredients with western source or with western cooking style.  The presentation is elegant, plate layouts even are designed into the details. The environment is gorgeous. The theme is white and red, and the lamps look like Silkworm cocoon - very stylish.  The service is flawless; they change customers dishes between every course.  And also, if you are lucky enough, you will have chance to see some celebrities dining there.  Those elements make me really feel that a high-end brand is established by integrating all kinds of details which establish amazing emotional value, including the restroom design.

I feel the night was amazing, the best Christmas Eve ever, because of 360 degree of  the astonishing experience, and I feel so happy and worthy of it. Maybe Nobu should be opened in Shanghai, I bet it will successful.  There are tons of people who would want to experience this world class luxury and upscale brand.

Lady Gaga has a new song, has concerts, has remix video ....... every time her movement drag people's attention.  But a lot of people couldn't figure out what the heck she is wearing?

She is a successful personal brand.  She positions herself revolutionarily different to any other singers.  She boldly tried new things to break people's conventional thoughts.  Any event her dress and her makeup are thought out of box.  She cares about fans, just like company care about customers.  She can remember and call many fans' names.  On social media, she interacts with fans actively.  She has 45 million fans on her facebook.  She also frankly show herself and the her true feeling to the fans, either from the songs, or from the photo album she did.   

She is quite unique, that is why she can beat Oprah become top of the 100 celebrities list.  It also shows us the time has changed, it is the era of Lady Gaga. 

Just like a girl will become popular when she has lots of fans around and talking about her, brands also work the same way.  Traditional word-of-month, more and more people will be influenced by the brands and products that their friends' recommends.  Nowadays, we have dynamic channels to reach more people and influence them, least of which being social media.  As a couple of people like the brands, the people in their circles and across their graphs will start to pay attention to the brands through the reviews and comments online.  

Though the channels are there already,  we still need to attract people in the first place.  If the brands don't have any unique "selling" points or keywords competing to others, it is difficult to attract people's attention.  Products and services seek for innovation to refresh people's "boring" life.  Personal brand also needs to do so.  Thinking about how different you are to be outstanding through keyword, title, objective, and website.  Why people need to follow you versus other people in the similar pool (marketers).  Positioning yourself to speak the right message and to show your brand attitude is really essential to push your personal brand.  Just like I put some keywords on my bio or CV, such as trilingual, china business, Asia business development or maybe it is the combination of them, have won me more replies and followers.  

It is not totally magic; it needs some strategies behind your brand to win the first batch of fans.  It takes a while and a lot of thinking and work to be a successful brand.  We need to be patient and keep on trying different approaches to establish the our personal brands and of course those of our favorite products.

A lot of people think my biggest achievement as a runner is I finish marathons, but I think it will be so many people being convinced by me to run.  

They get me back and were excited to tell me how they feel good about the running, how they lost weight, how they feel healthy, how they build up confidence on everything, and how they become good at time management.  Some of them even told me some mobile apps to use while running.  I am so glad to lead them into the different world, which @toshi112556 led me to.  

I am not crazy, I just feel good about myself and tell other people and friends my own story.  Physically, I become healthy and seldom sick, and don't need to worry about gaining weight.  Always preserving the time to run makes me arrange for the time efficiently. Mentally, I also feel strong because It trained my persistence and I believe I can conquer anything if I finish the marathon- 26.2 miles. It taught me some strategies to break the big difficulties into small little ones by applying the 6:1 technique.  It is a true story.  That is why I commit to be a runner for the rest of my life.  Uhmmm, maybe I am crazy, I am willing to be called crazy, because that craziness will lead me to a successful life.

I feel the obvious brands in the movie " mission impossible" are BMW and Apple products, or maybe some Dubai, India and Moscow tourisms.  I really like the high tech is improved that it push to mission into even more impossible.  However the story is a little bit old fashion to prevent the nuclear bomb.

@Apple, Apple always seeks perfection on design and innovation.  Its cutting-edge technology and solutions always leads the world trend.

@HermanMiller,  The high end designed furniture manufacturer I interned with, it has a strong brand legacy, and spends long time and emphasis in seeking the balance of customer comfort and aesthetic, also they are concerning long-sustainability for the corporate, social responsibility and community development, and never promote its CSR in the public.

@Facebook, It has changed the world communication: the way people connect, the platform brands can reach more people and interact with them in order to get more accurate feedback of what market and customer needs.

@Linkedin, it professionally links people in the career or business paths, opens more opportunities for business and professions.

@Google: It always has brain-storming new ideas coming out, always respect employees great idea and leverage to be commodities to improve the technology to benefit for human being.
I am so happy to go to the Peet's coffee and see a new product called Godiva Caramel Pecan Mocha.  Interesting that every coffee brand is copy-cat of Starbuck, they have Pumpkin at fall and Peppermint or gingerbread at Christmas.  No difference when you walk into different brand coffee shop.  But the Peet's coffee's new product actually refreshes my mind.  if it didn't pass my coffee hour cut-off at 12:00pm, I will definitely like to try it.  Not because it has different taste, just because they are different to any other coffee
Do LA people actually calculate the Calories when they consume everyday? Then how much they should take depending on different activities.  Starbucks always puts the Calories number beside the coffee or snack items on the menu.  It makes some people choose regular coffee which as 5 calories and only $1.65, vs. their holiday luxury Caramel Brulee Latte, which is 445 calories and sold as more than twice price as much as regular coffee.  Do people in San Francisco never less concern about the healthy and not showing the calories on the menu. 
When I ordered the snack, I said give me the highest calories one- banana bread - 450 calories, maybe it could be one of the attributes for leading better revenue!?!?
I heard a lot of people talking about they are busy about Christmas Shopping. They seems enjoy it, but they also feel exhausted.  I was given dissappointed look when I said I have not started my Christmas shopping yet at this time. Usually it takes them several weekend as early as thanksgiving to start the "war". 
Just wondering why people can not do it online? or think of some idea and have the goal and list to shop efficiently.  It is so crazy to spend a month going out to shop.  I barely shop half day even I am a woman, but think of a lot of husbands are dragged along to shop.  
I think the era is changed, we need to have new behavior to shop as well, start with the online, mobile shopping, new wish list to send out to friend and family, to let them have a goal to shop rather than buy something later on been returned.  The gift is also not limited to the actual products, it could be a trip, a spa, and idea depends on their needs,