A full four days after hurricane Sandy, word finally came last minute that the New York Marathon is cancelled. Thousands of runners are so disappointed because on average people at least need train for 18 weeks.  I used to take 4 months to train for my marathons, the last two or three weekends involve brutal 16-18-mile-long runs. 

Sunday afternoon, I walked to Central Park with Jon and Oliver, and saw hundreds of people wearing ING New York Marathon signature orange race shirt and the race number tags, some of them even put the race chips on their shoes. Some of the foreign runners carried their countries’ flags, and a couple of supporting teams were there cheering the runners up and supplying with some water and food.  I think it is a silent memorial day for those marathon runners to declare even though the marathon is cancelled, their efforts of marathon training haven’t been wasted.  I saw their running, can’t help joining them to run together until the finish line which has been set up in the park.

Watching the marathoners run their own private races, I felt a strong running spirit came out from the “orange oceans.” My frozen marathon running mind melted, and I couldn’t help tearing up – thinking I used to be one of them.  I have a strong mind that I believe nothing is impossible.  I used to train so hard followed by the schedule to build up my strength physically and mentally.  I ran two full marathons in 2010, but since then I only did one half marathon.   I only run 2.5 miles every other day and longest distance is about 5 miles.

The scene of the NYC marathon runners reminds me that I should do more and more races as a runner, and I should run ING marathon next year to be a real runner, to be a marathon runner.

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