A lot of my friends in the US suggested that I should try English doctors rather than Chinese speaking doctors.  I was nervous about whether I could totally understand what they said regarding some more technical terminology.  But my friends said it is their job to explain to you until you understand, it is also a step of my “Americanization” process, which I will accept American Medical and Health Care system since I am in the US. 

I have to say, my initial worries were not necessary. The doctors here are so nice, unlike ones in China who are always blaming patients as if they were  unapproving parents.  Doctors in the US treat patients as their parents instead. They speak to me so gently, and very professionally explain the vocabulary to me even known by American middle-school students.  The facilities in the US are also so advanced.  I even can watch Netflix in some of the clinics. 

Sometime, as a foreigner, if you don’t have the courage to try the local things, you will never know if it is actually pretty good for you, or better or much better than you had experienced in your own country.  If you never tried daily things and step your toe into the “water” to test it, you will never get the chance to know what really a local people will do; thus you will never belong to the local society. 

3/20/2013 02:19:36 am

Pei, I found your blog this month to be very refreshing, and many people in this Country like you could benefit from your new experience. Thanks for sharing your thought.
Love, and see you in May!

3/21/2013 01:08:24 am

Thanks for the comments. glad you guys enjoy it.


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