I have wanted to write this blog since the announcement of Google Glass. 

Don’t get me wrong to against E-volution; I just wonder about E-polluion.  I am just amazed by how many hours in our entire day we are dealing with the devices.  Can you imagine how can you live without those devices? 

From your ears to your eyes, we have Google Goggles, high performance earphones, from the wrist to your hand, we have Nike fuelband or Fitbit and we have so many devices such as Kindle, Ipad, Galaxy, phone, and laptop. You can see everyone in the train has one of those.  At home we also have three to four devices.  Even when you are asleep, some people use devices to track sleep quality.  I recently saw a necklace that can track dogs’ activity - the e-pollutions are even invading dogs!

We have the Samsung Watch coming out! It is very cool that you don’t have to get out your Galaxy Note III you can do some real business including answer your phone, calendar reminder, weather forecast on your watch and even take “spy” pictures from your watch.

Finally we have iphone 5s and 5c colorful phones, $599 price tried to go to the "cheap" phone segment? Really, you think $599 is cheap?

I am amazed how advanced our technologies are that we have so many interesting toys to improve our life convenience and change our behavior. Our lives actually have been E-voluted by high technologies.

However, have you thought whether it is necessary. Does it have some overlap with your current devices? The laziness of your behavior that won’t take out your phone will cost you $1500 of a glass and a $300 of watch, are they worthy?  Do you really need an new and colorful iphone? I just hope the devices developing could be like civil engineering to plan it better for what is necessary consumer needs.  At least some functions will not be overlapping, so that besides the rich people and early adopters, regular people won’t need spend too much time on deciding which device to choose, and they are also able to enjoy the technology evolution. 

Linkedin always surprises me how they break the limitations of their product, and reach again and again the boundary of impossible. I love the Linkedin product as it is very useful for my job and my career.

Linkedin your Portfolio: It is a new feature I love.  I put my events link on my job description.  It not only accumulates what works you have accomplished, but also can able to promote my current and future events or projects when people click my profile. 

Linkedin Groups: I join all kinds of groups related to my job to get to know the news posted by other people, also use them as a channel to promote my events. I manage my own Group -ACI China to engage attendees, speakers or potentials.

Linked In & In: I am a conference producer.  For every conference, I need to find excellent experts in the right field to the forum.  Linkedin can help me to find them either from search or my connections’ connections, and send InMail to them.  It is the best tool to reach the potentials, or people you lost contacts as they change their job.  You can search by putting their past companies in the criteria.  Once you Linkedin, you won’t need to worry to update the contact info, as the users update themselves. Not only for looking for talents, a sales person can even utilize Linkedin to reach potential customers. Vice Versa, customers can perhaps find you or your company if they are searching for their needs on the Linkedin.

Linkedin Flag: I love this spy tool on the right upper corner. Unlike facebook, you can see some people look into your profile on Linkedin.  Maybe they are interested in you or your work!

Are you IN? I highly encourage everyone make full use of Linkedin and visit it every day.  It also has a lot of news that your contacts posted.  Don’t worry you can separate your personal life and professional life without putting your facebook profile - silly you do that. In the future I don’t think the CV is necessary any more, your linkedin profile is your real CV package including you resume and your portfolio and your other network linked.  

My main feature suggestion would be for the mobile app to be more interactive for the event function, so that you can easily connect with new contacts after you talked to them face to face. By checking the events you also get to know who else checked in and left the record that what occasion you met them. 

I’m going to steal my husband’s idea, and write a blog about Candy Crush. both of us are thinking it is so brilliant about the business model and the way teaches you how to solve the problems, and we are so addicted to Candy Crush that I even sometimes dream about how to crush the candy more effectively.

Crushing the Category Needs.

I started to play it from April this year when I was on a 14-hour flight, noting to do, and the game doesn’t necessarily need to have Internet connectivity.  That is why you can find so many people in the metro in New York playing it.  

Viral Crush

The game asks you to sign in with a Facebook account, and when you fail to pass the level 5 times, it gives you the opportunity to ask your friends on Facebook to give you a life.  Interacting with your friends, you not only drag more friends to play it, but also you give life to your friends to allow them to play longer. To finish one episode you have to ask three friends to allow you to open the next episode. That is a successful sign of a game or a startup business, whether the business product can engage people and virally spread out.   

Money Crush

There are always some people who don’t have the patience to wait for their friends’ help.  They will pay $1.99 to unlock new episodes, or buy extra moves, or special candies.  Here is where the money comes from. I bet you King.com who developed the game are fat and rich now.

Crush your IQ or EQ, you tell me!

Some of my friends just have finished about 50 levels, and they think it is a pure luck, and that after several tries, you will eventually pass the level. However, it is wrong, every level has different obstacles, and requires you to have different strategies. Some times package candies are really handy to break brick quickly, but in some levels, you would rather create a stripe rather than a package.  How do you create your special candy by yourself. Every move is counted to your short term or long term strategy because the move is limited.  Each time when you going to the next level, it will show you the path, which also shows where you are among all the friends who are playing too.  You are competing with your friends on the map, you can see who are leading and who are stuck in the level for a long time.  

Crush Technology

My phone Samsung Galaxy S4 recently reminds me who played today and who played this week amongst my friends.  I won’t ask them to give a life if they haven’t played for a long time.  It will add possibility for your friends to response back.  Obviously, Kings.com is developing and make the game smarter and smarter.

No Angry on Angry Birds! Happy Candy Crush!
Google Glasses launched last week.  A lot of people commented about the implications, like not having to take out one’s phone all the time to take a photo or check the weather any more. -What the hell! People are so lazy that they are not even willing to get out their phone from a bag or even pocket?  - People are getting used to the lazy life.

My uncle always put himself into the lazy group category in the family.  He told my mom, lazy people in our family create more value compared to diligent people like my mom - We use brain power versus labor.  As I think back to his words, I feel it’s so true.

Looking back at technology development, people’s laziness contributed to the bulk of technology improvement.  People were too lazy to go outdoors, so TV was invented.  People didn’t want to calculate by hand (much less in their heads), so the computer was used.  People hated going to the library to look up actual books and newspapers for research, so the internet has filled that gap to make research easy across the world.  Moving to more “first world” problems, people hated having to carry a camera, MP3 player, phone, etc., so Apple introduced the iPhone.  Every new app launching is a step to be lazier.

Google Glasses is the product to take laziness to another level, which convinces me that it is the trend of technology evolution, and to improve our lives.

So people, let’s become lazier and lazier. 

My cousin Brian Qiu was born on a Leap Day. While most people expect to celebrate their birthday annually, Brian only has a real birthday once every four years.  Although he always celebrates it on Feb 28, or March 1, still, I have an inkling that he sometimes feels sad about not being able to have a true birthday every year. Maybe he should celebrate it as a birthday week or even birthday month, just like me. However, it makes him really unique that everyone in the extended family remembers his birthday, and maybe it is the fate to be special, plus he was born in the dragon year that his life and work have the destiny to be very successful.  He has a sweet and smart wife, two cute sons, and himself is a General Manager, and the most important, he is a serious runner.  Happy birthday to you, Brian, my special cousin.

There are many ads talking about leap day events on the facebook and other websites, such as Nike, talking about the one more extra day for running extra miles.  Virgin American has an ads have special rate if you book your trip on the leap day.  Don’t know when marketers started aiming for the once every 4 years event.  I have reached my conclusion: every occasion could be a marketing opportunity. Marketers are looking for every moment and every channel marketable to promote their products or services - really hard working and interesting thinking.  Nike doesn’t directly promote their products on the leap day, but be spiritually encouraging people running more.  Nike doesn’t need to strengthen its brand awareness on the current stage anymore, but emotionally establishes a brand attitude to influence people.  But what is the benefit for them to do so without promoting their brand? - winning customers’ loyalty, and running more or asking more people to run will lead to consume more products, Oh yeah, they know runners need to change shoes every 6-9 month, and people also care about the fashion when they are running surrounded by others.   In this marketing evolution period, marketers have to be creative to drag consumer’s attention and not to annoy them by contaminating another day on the calendar to be commercialized.  

Wish everyone enjoy the Leap Day once every 4 years. 
I read @briansolis' new blog- The Rise of digital Darwinism.  Feel it is so true. The marketing is even different between 2009-2011 when I went to business school.  What we taught in school about the traditional marketing is lack of market now. Because we are all focusing on digital marketing in the field.  

Followed by the digital technology improvement, marketers will have more and more different channels to reach customers, also have to develop different strategies upon every channel to meet customer's satisfaction and market needs.  Listening to customers will be the accurate orientation to be able to sustain longer in this marketing revolutionary era.  Engaging and interacting with customers to get insight, being always in beta stage to continuously optimize marketing strategies, and adopting more advanced channels and technologies quickly to figure out the best solutions for the products and services are the only ways to survive in this new marketing evolution.

Lady Gaga has a new song, has concerts, has remix video ....... every time her movement drag people's attention.  But a lot of people couldn't figure out what the heck she is wearing?

She is a successful personal brand.  She positions herself revolutionarily different to any other singers.  She boldly tried new things to break people's conventional thoughts.  Any event her dress and her makeup are thought out of box.  She cares about fans, just like company care about customers.  She can remember and call many fans' names.  On social media, she interacts with fans actively.  She has 45 million fans on her facebook.  She also frankly show herself and the her true feeling to the fans, either from the songs, or from the photo album she did.   

She is quite unique, that is why she can beat Oprah become top of the 100 celebrities list.  It also shows us the time has changed, it is the era of Lady Gaga.