I believe a successful person can work anywhere.  Education is good enough to tell the recruiter that you are good at on some functions.  Experience will be the boundary to find talents. 

My cousin has graduated from Fudan (top university in Shanghai, China) university, and then directly went to USC to study electrical engineering master degree, who have any working experience – neither in China nor the US.  Yet, before even graduating, he has received two offers: one from Qualcomm and the other from Oracle.  These are great companies with big vision to hiring their talents.

No single job is exactly the same, even in the same industry. New employees always need to learn the new business and products, different procedures, ways people work together, and get to know clients or suppliers with which you’ll be dealing. These environments are never homogeneous.  How then do recruiters or employers think they can guarantee a good fit based largely on experience?

I believe that people who have passion and education can learn everything quickly and be on track efficiently.  My husband @hegranes, for example, never worked in the internet media industry.  His entrepreneurship spirit from his founded company @workables and forward thinking, plus strong networking has enabled him develop a lot of clients and be successful on his job since the first month he joined @Disqus.

For foreigners who don’t have US working experience – It doesn’t matter! Maybe they can bring you different approach, fresh ideas and new client source. Foreign talents that had at least 2-3 years education in the US and according to the TOFEL can speak decent English when they came to the US.  Why visa is so critical to block them to contribute their talents?

I propose to recruiters, it is urgent to change the original old procedure to hire the right people, thinking out of the box and industry.   Forget about CV - a lot of exaggerations.   See their social media, blogs to find out what they are passionate about, what kind of character they are. Giving Chance of trial period 2-3 months to see whether the people are who you want, who can fit.  Rather than sit there to complain that companies cannot find the right talents, or spend too much money and time on sponsor visa, create some chances for talents to shine and decide whether those talents are valuable for companies growth.

At the last day of every year, I always have a lot of thoughts.  Mostly what did I do for the entire year.

First thought - not too much.  I spent 6 months looking for job, spent another 2 months doing nothing because I was waiting for working authorization - a lot of staying alone, feeling depressed and wasting time.

Second thought - a lot!  I have moved to NYC in January with my love @hegranes; become mama of our dog, Oliver, in May.  I found a job perfect for me in July.  Most importantly, I got married in July.   I received working authorization being able to contribute my talents to the US in December.  Many lifetime level achievements and happiness have happened in 2012 - I am happy with the year.

Whether you are happy or not, it depends from which angle you look.  I could totally wear my pessimistic glasses to see everything in my life is dark, but I would rather choose an optimistic screen to filter everything cheerful for me in 2012.  

Regarding Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory (see the picture below) I am really lucky and happy.  I am healthy, safe, loved, have a lot of achievements, have learned much new knowledge, have many passions and enjoy the aesthetics of the life.  The only need is self-actualization, which is the top level of the needs for human being. FYI, less than 1% of human beings have achieved it. 

To conclude, my 2012 was awesome!
People always want to take a long vacation to have a break from the busy life.  I just finished an almost year-long vacation after my MBA.  I would say it is not an enjoyable vacation; sometimes I even feel bored.  That changed this week with my new job!

I have always felt a heavy pressure to find a full time MBA job, writing 5-10 cover letters everyday, participating in 2-3 meetup events every week, harassing friends to make introductions, following up on all the open applications, and absorbing new tactics to get a new job - not missing any chances.  Getting a job is a huge fight, I need to use all of my energy and build up confidence again and again to come up with strategies and apply it to my tactics.  Looking back through the whole year, I feel exhausted.   

No income means I can’t enjoy life properly.  I haven’t really gone decent shopping for a year.  I haven’t been on any trips for leisure.   I still need to report my parents in China about the big purchases because I start to depend on them financially, whose incomes are totally $500/month in China.  

So glad to find a full-time job, so that I can go back to regular life and enjoy work and life balance.   So glad I am in New York, one of the most active cities in the world, which encourage me to move fast, to be smart to compete with others, and to be aggressive to pursue my dream.  So glad Jon - now my husband, always supports me, encourages me and inspires me, to empower me on the job market again and again.  

I always have a lot of thoughts when I passed musicians in the subway earning quarters.   They are so talented, however they don’t have the right place to play to earn the equal money they should get.  I can’t help to thinking of a lot of myself, having 18-year high level education, working for global business for 8 years, speaking three languages fluently, can not find a right marketplace to realize my own value so far, as many of my other talented MBA fellows.

As a business person, I feel such an emergency that the business world needs to create all kinds of marketplaces to not only allow the right products and services to be known, discovered and utilized by more and more customers, just like a lot of startups; but also allow the right talents to be known, discovered, and be hired by the right company and right position in return those products, services, and talents can redeem their real values. 

More and more startups are coming out to create different small-to-middle size marketplaces to link the products, services and talent to the customers. 

For example, Quirky is an interesting company that converts regular people’s product design ideas to marketable products.  It could be a weekend local market shopping bag, or BBQ citrus spray, it also provides a platform allowing other people contribute their talents to the product development including, computing, design, engineering, and marketing in their online community.  It also provides mass manufacturing and distribution channels for products.  People who create or contribute ideas are able to get paid for the portion of their products.   I was encouraged by Quirky creating such a brilliant market place for even contributing to name the products - get your value realized.  

LinkedIn is another company to create a marketplace. For job seekers, they are able to talk to employers directly via InMail, which can highlight the applications among thousands of application with short customized messaging.  They are able to see who will connect to the company they apply and ask the connection to make an introduction.  Business development or sales people can use LinkedIn to find the targeted people they need to talk to.  I even think on the B2B sector, LinkedIn will have huge potential to grow for business development and sales purposes.  

We are so lucky in this everything is possible entrepreneurship environment.  I hope more and more startups can let new products, services and talents flow easily on the wants-and-needs stream.  I also hope I could help them to build more marketplaces so as not to waste products, services and talents.

While I am looking for a full-time job in NYC, I have 3 part-time jobs now, which keep me busy.  I don’t feel too tired from the jobs; interestingly, I feel more energetic and efficient for my time management.

I am doing a marketing consulting project for Global Press Institute (GPI), a Non-profit media organization, educating, empowering, and employing women in the developing countries for journalism.  I was moved by those amazing stories reported by the local women trained by GPI, who used to be hopeless refugees, drop-out students, powerless housewives, rape victims, and even sex workers.  I want to use my marketing knowledge and social media experience to help GPI increase its brand awareness and let more and more people know about its good cause, so that they can be encouraged to help GPI together to empower more and more women.  The biggest result so far are the Pinterest boards I created for GPI, which is now a Top 10 traffic source to their website.  I also talked to founder about cohort marketing analysis to categorize different customers and target them with different market strategies. 

I just joined the Chinese Link, which is a Chinese organization helping Chinese People have more networking in the US, as a marketing specialist.  I feel we have so many talented Chinese in the US, but it’s difficult to find a job not because of qualifications, but because of lack of networks.  I really appreciate how such an organization can be a platform for Chinese people to share interests, organize events and help Chinese to network in order to make friends, find a job and have a better life in a foreign county.

I also work as a marketing survey monitor every other day to get a little bit income in my pocket.  I also think it is a great way to practice my pronunciation, my communication skills, and my approaching skill.  It is a fun thing that you can use different strategies to approach different people with different backgrounds - another chance to network.
Now we have our dog buddy -Oliver. I feel I get another job -a dog sitter, but it is so much fun to have a smart dog.  I still apply for a full time job which could realize my value of MBA, and also keep on running every other day.  

The more things I have done, the more satisfied feeling I have by the end of day.  My life is no busiest, only is busier.

I have been job hunting for a while.  I have to admit that it is stressful process as well as the learning period for me as a foreigner.  I learned a lot of technique, strategy and skills from my job hunting.  I think it will not only help me to find a job, but also benefit for my entire career.
1. Networking

You always need to know more and more people to get connections.  I saw so many other people who have a job still networking with others.  Not only for future career, but also for current business connection.  We can also get some new tips and new trend of the current market by exchanging ideas, so that they can have more personal competitive advantage. Try to help other people first and contribute your idea, if they know you better, they will make friends with you and help you.

2.  Strategy

I used to apply for 10-15 jobs on internet or on linkedIn a day, seldom have replies.  I am frustrated about the results.  I am an MBA graduate who has multi-cultural and trilingual background, there even weren’t a recruiter to contact me in two weeks when I moved to New York.  I realized that I shouldn’t just work harder, I should work smarter.  I should totally use Inmail to connect to people in the recruiting companies or even in the same department and write them a short message to target to the position.  It works now, many hiring managers replied to my Inmail.  Thus, a strategy never works for me any more, I will analyze it whether it fits the situation and adjust it to the right strategy to meet the market’s need.

3. Business Intelligence

Applying every job and having an interview, I need to research thoroughly about the company, its services, competitive advantage, business model, cultural, social media, and financial information.  I even stalk company and employee in the social media to get some BI.  If I get a job, I think the research skills will help me to deep understand the market customer, and competitors to predict the trend and come up with the accurate strategy.

4. Learning New Skills

I learned Pinterest in two days by myself at the end of February, because there were so many buzzes about Pinterest, and I had no idea what it is.  Now I am become a master of Pinterest. I learned a lot of new skills, such as building a website, a blog, Google analytics, etc. Because the market changed so fast, you need to have new skills to compete with others.  I also have signed up a lot of educational meetup, Skillshare classes, webinars to learn new skills. 

It is a great learning process for me in the US job market.  I always keep positive and confidence for my qualification that I could find a good job here.

In the regular life, especially in the business world, people are networking all the time in the US - this is what we were taught first day I went to MBA.  I was thinking only China or Asia countries are high content and using relationship (Guanxi) to introduce jobs and doing business.  I was so surprised that the US does the same thing, but they are more formal, natural and transparent.  When I see so many people finding internships and jobs through their contacts including friends, friend’s friends, formal colleagues, Alumni, and even the person they just met once, I can’t help believing that this is a networking world.  The traditional or old style of online application becomes almost impossible to find a job because I am competing with thousands of people with similar backgrounds for one position.  You have to think of other strategies, among which the most effective way is networking.

I attended Marketing Mixer New York Meetup on Thursday.  I felt it was a great event.  Many people having the same passion - marketing - gather together.  I tried to talk to as many people as I could.  I first talked to a girl, like me, looking for a job.  Then another lady sought for a change from adverting agency to in house.  There is also a head hunter collected more candidates data in the field.   Some of the in-house marketers seemed to be good friends and laughed and drank a lot.   I also saw some agencies tried to hook up with in-house marketing department to get business.  Some digital marketing consultant wanted to find a new startup, some small business owners tried to use some marketing tools.  I felt the entire marketing world is connected at that moment.  The meetup was filled by steaming hot atmosphere of networking discussion.  

I have to admit it, in this new social networking era, the technology provides us with a good tool - mobile.  Exchanging business cards is out of date.  I can directly find them on LinkedIn and add them as my contacts, or worse case take a photo of their business card to become digitalized.  E-mail is not the only way to connect people, I can use social media to link them on different dimensions.  I can show them my website to promote myself and my marketing skills.  Don’t forget to follow up those contacts, I used all the energy to talk to people and tried to attract their interested.  I have sent some e-mails to those people the next day, who potentially can help me with my career.  

A lot of marketers are excited about the city.  They think the networking here is the most active and greatest thing in the world.  They encouraged me that New York has all kinds of opportunities, the essential thing is to know people who can help you connect to the chance.  I have to push myself to break my conservative Asian characters to be really socialized.   I need to spend more time and energy than national people to add more people into my circle.  At the same time, I also need to read and learn more about the new things on marketing, and practice it on my website to show people I have the talent, hire me!!!