I heard a lot of people talking about they are busy about Christmas Shopping. They seems enjoy it, but they also feel exhausted.  I was given dissappointed look when I said I have not started my Christmas shopping yet at this time. Usually it takes them several weekend as early as thanksgiving to start the "war". 
Just wondering why people can not do it online? or think of some idea and have the goal and list to shop efficiently.  It is so crazy to spend a month going out to shop.  I barely shop half day even I am a woman, but think of a lot of husbands are dragged along to shop.  
I think the era is changed, we need to have new behavior to shop as well, start with the online, mobile shopping, new wish list to send out to friend and family, to let them have a goal to shop rather than buy something later on been returned.  The gift is also not limited to the actual products, it could be a trip, a spa, and idea depends on their needs, 
10/5/2012 09:55:11 am

Great site, i've been thinking about getting a free blog from weebly, do you recommend it?

10/5/2012 11:40:57 pm

Yes, I love the weebly, but the only thing is they can not install the Disqus on my blog.

11/19/2017 08:13:56 am

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