I believe a successful person can work anywhere.  Education is good enough to tell the recruiter that you are good at on some functions.  Experience will be the boundary to find talents. 

My cousin has graduated from Fudan (top university in Shanghai, China) university, and then directly went to USC to study electrical engineering master degree, who have any working experience – neither in China nor the US.  Yet, before even graduating, he has received two offers: one from Qualcomm and the other from Oracle.  These are great companies with big vision to hiring their talents.

No single job is exactly the same, even in the same industry. New employees always need to learn the new business and products, different procedures, ways people work together, and get to know clients or suppliers with which you’ll be dealing. These environments are never homogeneous.  How then do recruiters or employers think they can guarantee a good fit based largely on experience?

I believe that people who have passion and education can learn everything quickly and be on track efficiently.  My husband @hegranes, for example, never worked in the internet media industry.  His entrepreneurship spirit from his founded company @workables and forward thinking, plus strong networking has enabled him develop a lot of clients and be successful on his job since the first month he joined @Disqus.

For foreigners who don’t have US working experience – It doesn’t matter! Maybe they can bring you different approach, fresh ideas and new client source. Foreign talents that had at least 2-3 years education in the US and according to the TOFEL can speak decent English when they came to the US.  Why visa is so critical to block them to contribute their talents?

I propose to recruiters, it is urgent to change the original old procedure to hire the right people, thinking out of the box and industry.   Forget about CV - a lot of exaggerations.   See their social media, blogs to find out what they are passionate about, what kind of character they are. Giving Chance of trial period 2-3 months to see whether the people are who you want, who can fit.  Rather than sit there to complain that companies cannot find the right talents, or spend too much money and time on sponsor visa, create some chances for talents to shine and decide whether those talents are valuable for companies growth.

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