I have wanted to write this blog since the announcement of Google Glass. 

Don’t get me wrong to against E-volution; I just wonder about E-polluion.  I am just amazed by how many hours in our entire day we are dealing with the devices.  Can you imagine how can you live without those devices? 

From your ears to your eyes, we have Google Goggles, high performance earphones, from the wrist to your hand, we have Nike fuelband or Fitbit and we have so many devices such as Kindle, Ipad, Galaxy, phone, and laptop. You can see everyone in the train has one of those.  At home we also have three to four devices.  Even when you are asleep, some people use devices to track sleep quality.  I recently saw a necklace that can track dogs’ activity - the e-pollutions are even invading dogs!

We have the Samsung Watch coming out! It is very cool that you don’t have to get out your Galaxy Note III you can do some real business including answer your phone, calendar reminder, weather forecast on your watch and even take “spy” pictures from your watch.

Finally we have iphone 5s and 5c colorful phones, $599 price tried to go to the "cheap" phone segment? Really, you think $599 is cheap?

I am amazed how advanced our technologies are that we have so many interesting toys to improve our life convenience and change our behavior. Our lives actually have been E-voluted by high technologies.

However, have you thought whether it is necessary. Does it have some overlap with your current devices? The laziness of your behavior that won’t take out your phone will cost you $1500 of a glass and a $300 of watch, are they worthy?  Do you really need an new and colorful iphone? I just hope the devices developing could be like civil engineering to plan it better for what is necessary consumer needs.  At least some functions will not be overlapping, so that besides the rich people and early adopters, regular people won’t need spend too much time on deciding which device to choose, and they are also able to enjoy the technology evolution. 

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