Where does people’s energy come from?  Sometimes you have energy naturally, you feel powerful, motivated and positive, but sometimes you just feel lazy and want to take it easy. Here are some ideas where energy comes from.

Natural Energy 

I was told some people are dedicated to be successful by birth.  They have a strong physical body, they have natural motivation, they manage everything very well.  They are so lucky that they might just need 8 mins to fall in sleep, and 4 hours to sleep, and then can be energetic for the other 20 hours of the day.  Thus they have more time than other people to work, enjoy and do more things -Please envy them. However, if you prepare to be a mother to give birth to your baby, do everything to prepare to have a strong baby to add chance to let them have a natural energy and win from the starting point.


The people you hang out with, the company you work, the family you live with will influence your attitude and your mood.  If you have a competitive working environment, you will work hard, trying to show your best as well.  If you have spouse with a high energy entrepreneur spirit, you will always have multination to pay attention to the new tech and look into some new business ideas too.  So look for an atmosphere not to drawn your energy.


I wanted to put workout here, but without running, I feel weak, sick, and lazy.  I walk the dog, play golf, and play tennis, but those activities are not strong enough to motivate me.  After running, I feel I am capable for working for the day, but if the weather doesn’t allow me to run, I just feel lazy and don’t want to do anything.  After half marathon, I feel I can challenge some difficulties.  After full marathon, I feel I can make everything possible.  However, I haven’t run races for two years, and I lost the feeling being strong.


You always need to have new hope to ensure that you need energy to push you to your goal and hope. After one hope has to be reached, you establish another new hope. Life is an unlimited desirable journey, you need to have all the new and big hopes to attract you to go forward.

Right now, it’s a raining and slow season in New York; let’s keep motivated and high energy to enjoy your work and your life.   

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