I am so excited to run around Central Park for the first time as a Manhattan resident.  It was my dream to run the course all the time.  I remember last year at the same time I stayed at Union Square and took subway to central park and ran through the freezing wind.  But today although it was evening, but the weather is not too cold this year, @fazworks wanted our first run to be memorable -- and it was with an amazing night view of the Upper East Side, Upper West, Midtown, and a killer full moon.  It was a stunning world class scene.  

I would never imagine regularly running around Central Park and East River, but - hopefully - that will soon become true, because we will probably rent a riverside space on 79th street next week.  It is a really cultural neighborhood, not too many people, and tons of good restaurants and interesting stores in the area, and the most important, it will be very safe for running and living.  I am excited about my regular running course and all the exotic things that happen in this city.  I started to have some good feelings about the city and expect to develop our high quality life in this place that makes everyone in the world hearts beat strongly.   

Qiu Fuguo
1/24/2012 03:50:58 pm

Your two brothers, Brian ansd Ben do running at SHanghai, But the air at Shanghai is not clean with too high PM 2.5.
Only the wind comes from sea, it is good for running.

1/27/2012 03:42:57 am

NYC is such a nice running city, so many runner populations, also the tab water is very clean to drink. my new blog coming tomorrow, watch out!


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