“Life is about experiencing all kinds of different things.” I told my parents about my definition of life when I persuaded them to allow me to study in the US. Since I moved to New York City, I have dramatically experienced new things that I never could have imagined.

My first dental appointment in the US made me feel so loved and cared.  The doctors are not bossy like Chinese ones; in fact they treated me like a princess. They have micro oral vacuum to always keep your mouth dry, so I don’t need to spit my blood all the time.  During the painful deep cleaning section, I can watch some Netflix movies to distract my attention. @Fazworks said I need to change my view to hospitals and doctors as it is a service industry.

This summer, I went to public free swimming pool one block down from our apartment.  When I swam in the narrow lane at the side, the guard reminded me whether I was aware it is a speed lane.  When I swam in the middle bigger zone and went back and forth, he came to me again and said I should swim in counter-clockwise-circles – I feel that should be the a great ideal of order - I love it.

I also have experienced a lot of free things or cheap things in such an expensive city. The free Yoga every week, free running group,  $5 career network meetup events, $25 @Skillshare Marketing cohort analysis class has washed my brain. I also did my first facial in the US during the $50 Spa week package. The facility is awesome, especially the bed can be adjusted to up and down, but I don’t understand why they use their nails to squeeze my blackhead rather than with a tool.

Today I will experience a massive hurricane, my first since I came to the US.  City transportation will be shut down, and it is also possible that we won’t have electricity and of course internet for a few days.  People are buying groceries crazily to prepare to be stuck. In fact, I might have not experience the blackout for about 30 years, will see how we can survive, but we’ve downloaded some TV episodes to our ipad to make sure we still have something fun to do.

I am so fascinated that I have experienced more and more new things over just a few month, even though I have been in the US for 3.5 years. Compared to what I have experienced in Shanghai, I feel unbelievable and even culture shocked.  At the same time, I also feel so lucky to experience all kinds of things that most of the Chinese people won’t even get a chance to imagine. To me, I am so satisfied to realize more and more my dream, my meaning of the life.

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