I recently read BusinessWeek Google’s bid to be Everything to Everyone, talking about how Google purchased Motorola Mobility to gain 17,000 patents into its portfolio.  The market is also surmising that Google is testing new audio devices since Motorola is already the market leader in cable set-top boxes. Such a device could be used to distribute television, movies, and other digital fare.  Google is not only a search engine, it covers everything high-tech and to everyone.  I was talking to an in-house digital advertising marketer who said he doesn’t use an advertising agency.  Rather all businesses he does is only with Google.  They paid Google for the top search engine position in the focus categories, and use Google webmaster to figure out best SEO practices.  They display the ads on Adwords and use Google Analytics to track and analyze traffic and insights from customers.  They upload video ads on YouTube.  Today I saw this Google Play video, which also shows Google’s ambitions to cover more media aspects including gaming, music, books, and movies.
However, Google doesn’t necessarily cover everyone, at least not at the one of the biggest, hottest, sweetest pies - China.  When Google left China 2009, it had 24% market share of the domestic search engine, now only 0.24%.  To be a global company, Google has to develop targeted global strategies for different countries.  China, India, Brazil, Russia,  each country has its own business habit and culture for investors and businesses.   China is spending tons of money on technology infrastructure and aiming 2050 it will be the global leader of the technology.  Going to a country, Google needs to engage to the local market and business culture, really listen to what local market needs and wants and adopt the market first and then considers to influence and change it.  

Google, please be more aggressive to cover everyone including China, because we are welcome the convenience the high-tech has brought to our life.  Covering China, Google will be a truly cross-industrial Guru, unbeatable in the world.
3/8/2012 01:17:10 am

Hi Jacqueline,

You are right on in your article about Gooble......

Saipan > In the Northern Marianas

3/8/2012 01:36:07 am

Hi, Phil,

Thanks for reading and the comments, I am calling on Google to have global strategy and re-chieve to China. welcome to RT.


3/9/2012 01:02:18 am

Until China allows for information to stream freely to its citizens, I don't see Google heading back that way. After all, they left for the simple reason that it would not comply with China's censorship.

Google's mission is about organizing the world's information. There is no strategy for operating in environments where there are impediments to this.

With that said, the trojan horse in Google's strategy may be Android, with huge activation numbers for Android mobile handsets in China every day. Perhaps mobile will be the way that Google slips in...

5/1/2012 03:53:28 am

I think you are missing the point about why Google left China. Imagine an America where any unfavorable remarks about Obama can be filtered at any moment, where Republicans (with a Democratic President) are banned from voicing any criticism and Google required by law to filtered out any such criticisms at at any time the Democrat-controlled Homeland Security Dept says so, and Romney's name is never allowed to show up in any Google searches...... This was why Google left, refusing to be part of such a tyrannical scheme of gigantic proportion, unimaginable to most Americans. To compete with Baidu, China's copycat of Google who now is the dominant player in China's search market, Google would have to do what Baidu did and is still doing, including all the above samples and a whole lot more. I have to give Google credit for standing up and saying no, even at the expense of tremendous business opportunities.


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