I always like Yoga.  It can clean my mind, loosen the stress of my body, muscle, and physically help the chi and blood flow smoothly in my body. The most important, it can help me find the new balance and feel myself super powerful.

I had started practicing yoga since I was in the middle school.  Because I was trained well as an active athlete and I am skinny, my body is really flexible.   Also, I like to challenge my body to reach farther when stretching, because after stretching, it seems to able to release stress of my body - feel really relaxed.  
I went to my favorite free yoga place in upper east side because the instructor, Ms. Chiu's class is the best yoga I have ever had in the world because of her teaching style, such as customize focus area, encourage students to listen to their own bodies, humors, and Zen.  I have talked about all of these before in my other blog.  

This time teacher taught us different Zen when we did mountain style.  She said spring is coming, the season is changing.  In the Indian Yoga, there are three elements drag to the entire balance.  Tamas, Rajas, and Sattva.  Tamas is the lazy element, Rajas presents active, some time you feel lazy or you don’t want to go out because of the cold weather, that is because Tamas is in your mind, the other time you feel there are too many things in your pipeline that you are always very busy, which activates the Rajas.  

Sattva is the sun rise and changing season, which will influence the Tamas and Rajas.  Sometimes your life is full of Rajas, you need to call out the Tamas to rest yourself.  Sometime the environment - Sattva changes, you need to adjust Tamas and Rajas to find the new balance system of yourself. 

Then she asks us to do some abnormal free style arm action when we stood as tree style, and she said you need to find new balance point when you are challenged to different unbalanced things.  

I am totally sold with the concept even it is the first time I heard about it.  Our life, work, relationship, body and mind, almost everything actually are dragged by the three elements.  I am so surprised that balance has different interpretations in different cultures, but every culture has balance as the top level of high quality of life and mind that people seeking.  I can’t help to think of the word inspired me in the movie:” Eat, Pray, and Love,” The old man in Indonesia said sometimes the unbalance of the love is for the balance of other things (life).   

Teacher also suggests, sometime you feel stress and unhappiness, trying to stretch your mouth and smile to yourself and think of the happy things you have that other people won’t have, that simple motion will give nerve a sign to relax your nervous and depression.  I think that is why I always have a positive mind and keep smiling.  

I love this Yoga, it teaches me a lot, makes me energetic, find a new balance and sweat ( I seldom sweat when work out other than running), and a new concept of empower yourself to be strong, positive and thoughtful.

3/12/2012 12:18:35 am

Looking forward to yoga this Thursday!!


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