I recently read James Altucher’s blog about how to be a better writer; I think among all those tips, inspiration is the most important element.  Not only for writing, but also for everything, business idea, innovation, strategy and invention.

How is the inspiration sometime with you and some time isn’t?  It seems to be out of our control. However, I found some interesting things to stimulate the inspiration, just wanted to share.

New Environment: 
when people go to new environment, like a new city, a new country, new school, new company, they will see hundreds of new things around them.  Those new things break people’s regular thinking pattern and adjust to a new structure of your logic to adopt the new circumstances.  I just moved to New York for a month, I almost have one blog post every 3 days.

Different Element: 
The element I mean here is simply the atmosphere that touches and surrounds us everyday.  Regularly, air is surrounding us.  However, I always have some weird thoughts and inspiration when I was touched by the water: go to shower, take a bath, or swim.  I have confirmed this with several people who have the same feeling, their inspiration always happened in the shower.  A lot of Poets were made in a hot bath tub in ancient China.  Chairman Mao always made some master poems when he was swimming.

Brain Break: 
It applies not only to inspiration, but also to all the stress.  I usually go to see the ocean and or river, or go to run for a brain break, which refreshes your brain and recharges your mind.  My boyfriend said his inspiration comes from walking his dog.  Other people do Yoga.  In the middle of Yoga or meditation, you will feel you clean your lousy mind and get rid of other complicated nonsense; it will help you find the simple and right solution to solve the problems.  Sleeping is also a great brain break.  In the dream, you also jump out of a limited “yourself” boundary, to think out of the box and play the inspiration instruments.

Almost dead: 
When some of my friends disappoint about not able to find a job in the US, he finally made a decision to found his own business.  Now he not only has income, but also owns every penny of company’s net income.  Steve Job had built Apple kingdom, launch revolutionary strategies and products, when his life was on the edge.   When I almost had an accident in the car in the University, my life pictures, the most important things, and the unfinished things flipped in my mind, even it was just about 0.3 seconds.  Since then, I have decided to cherish every second and try my best to do things in the present.  I think we don’t know what will happen in the future, why not living thoroughly right now while we are having.  

Inspiration is a miraculous thing; it is a gift but also happens suddenly and lasts shortly.  Once it hits you, you have to record it and take advantage it.  Some people wake up in the middle of the night to write down some thoughts, some people use mobile app or camera to record what they think and what they saw. 

The marketing world also needs a lot of good ideas and innovative strategies to attract consumer and bring their attention.  Especially for the Superbowl ads, there are so many similar products.  Consumers are tired of old ideas, Me-too approach and eager to see interesting things to jump out to surprise them. I guess maybe Volkswagen's agency is really good at putting themselves into the pattern to stimulate their inspiration, versus Go-daddy didn't do so, so that Go-daddy always guarantees no any other ads performs to the bottom in the Superbowl.
Daisy He
2/11/2012 10:43:09 pm

Hi jacky,

Nice blog and wonderful article! It is nice to see you move to NY and start to write blogs. It is always good to make change right? Cuz it brings inspiration!

2/12/2012 10:55:15 am

Yeah, good catch. Thanks for reading. how u guys doing? Will you guys sometime come to New York?

2/13/2012 10:38:38 am

I like your blog, and your inspiration you share with us. I have seen so much change and progress you have done during the past three years. It attributes to your diligence and persistance. I am really so proud of you. Wish bigger dream comes true.

2/13/2012 10:22:59 pm

Thanks. Come to NYC!


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