Lady Gaga has a new song, has concerts, has remix video ....... every time her movement drag people's attention.  But a lot of people couldn't figure out what the heck she is wearing?

She is a successful personal brand.  She positions herself revolutionarily different to any other singers.  She boldly tried new things to break people's conventional thoughts.  Any event her dress and her makeup are thought out of box.  She cares about fans, just like company care about customers.  She can remember and call many fans' names.  On social media, she interacts with fans actively.  She has 45 million fans on her facebook.  She also frankly show herself and the her true feeling to the fans, either from the songs, or from the photo album she did.   

She is quite unique, that is why she can beat Oprah become top of the 100 celebrities list.  It also shows us the time has changed, it is the era of Lady Gaga. 

3/1/2012 12:48:37 am

Culture Evolution She also launches her Born this way foundation in Harvard


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