Google Glasses launched last week.  A lot of people commented about the implications, like not having to take out one’s phone all the time to take a photo or check the weather any more. -What the hell! People are so lazy that they are not even willing to get out their phone from a bag or even pocket?  - People are getting used to the lazy life.

My uncle always put himself into the lazy group category in the family.  He told my mom, lazy people in our family create more value compared to diligent people like my mom - We use brain power versus labor.  As I think back to his words, I feel it’s so true.

Looking back at technology development, people’s laziness contributed to the bulk of technology improvement.  People were too lazy to go outdoors, so TV was invented.  People didn’t want to calculate by hand (much less in their heads), so the computer was used.  People hated going to the library to look up actual books and newspapers for research, so the internet has filled that gap to make research easy across the world.  Moving to more “first world” problems, people hated having to carry a camera, MP3 player, phone, etc., so Apple introduced the iPhone.  Every new app launching is a step to be lazier.

Google Glasses is the product to take laziness to another level, which convinces me that it is the trend of technology evolution, and to improve our lives.

So people, let’s become lazier and lazier. 

Carol Hegranes
1/28/2013 12:29:36 am

So, what an eye opener that was! Loved the video too. They really make glasses that do all that, amazing!
Stay warm and dry, and keep your blog coming, as it makes you and Jon seem closer to us.

1/28/2013 01:00:24 am

Although I enjoyed your insight into technology and laziness, I couldn't help but wonder if there was more to the story than was being told. What about the technological advances in medicine, travel, and hobbies (like running watches or HD video cameras). I would venture to say that much of the new technology comes from a need for accuracy (medicine), efficiency (travel), and the desire to explore or create with confidence (hobbies).

For example, people were unable (financially or due to time constraints) to attend live entertainment (concerts, theater, ballet); radio and TV brought live art to a whole new audience. People made mistakes (as is human nature) calculating by hand, so computers and calculators made bookkeeping and inventory more accurate for businesses. People didn't have time to go to the library to conduct research, nor did they have access to the most up-to-date information, thus the Internet provided an efficient medium for researchers worldwide. As tools have progressed to make our lives more efficient, humans have been fortunate enough to explore their adventurous and creative sides by listening to/composing music on their devices, capturing art all around them through pictures, and communicating on cell phones (via voice, email, chat, etc.) across oceans with people they previously had to wait weeks to hear from. With all those wonderful advancements, why not create something that allows us to continue creating and communicating in the most efficient manner (thus giving us the time and resources to create, share, and advance further)?

In fact, I am going to argue that Google Glasses was born from a desire to explore, record, and share, thus pinning it as the exact opposite of a lazy man's invention, and instead making it an advancement for adventurous, active individuals.

Furthermore, when did using your brain become a "lazy" activity? While a writer may not labor for hours in the field to provide food for his/her community, the stories, culture, and history of a people wouldn't survive without the labor and love of a writer's mind.

I'm not sure which side I stand on: labor or brain power. I'd like to think I have one foot in each heap. And, like most things in life, I believe that the bulk of technological advances take a similar stance. Sure, they make life easier some days, and frustrate users the next day, but the bottom line is that inventions spawn from a basic need to make things better. Whether or not that makes us lazy, well, that's a different story.

1/31/2013 11:03:05 pm

Carol: thanks for your comments, the google glasses is happening.

Danielle: Excellent thoughts! I like the you said "much of the new technology comes from a need for accuracy (medicine), efficiency (travel), and the desire to explore or create with confidence (hobbies)". I agree your thoughts more accurate.

The Laziness I mean is not traditional laziness, but more enjoying life, less necessary time consuming, and less procedures to achieve the goal quickly. I think it is one of the contributes to evolve the technology, as people has higher and higher expects for the high quality.

Welcome to more comments. Any other readers, what is your thoughts?

8/23/2013 05:56:19 pm

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