My cousin Brian Qiu was born on a Leap Day. While most people expect to celebrate their birthday annually, Brian only has a real birthday once every four years.  Although he always celebrates it on Feb 28, or March 1, still, I have an inkling that he sometimes feels sad about not being able to have a true birthday every year. Maybe he should celebrate it as a birthday week or even birthday month, just like me. However, it makes him really unique that everyone in the extended family remembers his birthday, and maybe it is the fate to be special, plus he was born in the dragon year that his life and work have the destiny to be very successful.  He has a sweet and smart wife, two cute sons, and himself is a General Manager, and the most important, he is a serious runner.  Happy birthday to you, Brian, my special cousin.

There are many ads talking about leap day events on the facebook and other websites, such as Nike, talking about the one more extra day for running extra miles.  Virgin American has an ads have special rate if you book your trip on the leap day.  Don’t know when marketers started aiming for the once every 4 years event.  I have reached my conclusion: every occasion could be a marketing opportunity. Marketers are looking for every moment and every channel marketable to promote their products or services - really hard working and interesting thinking.  Nike doesn’t directly promote their products on the leap day, but be spiritually encouraging people running more.  Nike doesn’t need to strengthen its brand awareness on the current stage anymore, but emotionally establishes a brand attitude to influence people.  But what is the benefit for them to do so without promoting their brand? - winning customers’ loyalty, and running more or asking more people to run will lead to consume more products, Oh yeah, they know runners need to change shoes every 6-9 month, and people also care about the fashion when they are running surrounded by others.   In this marketing evolution period, marketers have to be creative to drag consumer’s attention and not to annoy them by contaminating another day on the calendar to be commercialized.  

Wish everyone enjoy the Leap Day once every 4 years. 
2/28/2012 02:02:48 pm

Thanks my sister!

2/29/2012 07:23:32 pm

i think virgin america should've made the price of $29 instead of $54.

3/1/2012 12:01:03 am

haha, they still need make money


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