I’m going to steal my husband’s idea, and write a blog about Candy Crush. both of us are thinking it is so brilliant about the business model and the way teaches you how to solve the problems, and we are so addicted to Candy Crush that I even sometimes dream about how to crush the candy more effectively.

Crushing the Category Needs.

I started to play it from April this year when I was on a 14-hour flight, noting to do, and the game doesn’t necessarily need to have Internet connectivity.  That is why you can find so many people in the metro in New York playing it.  

Viral Crush

The game asks you to sign in with a Facebook account, and when you fail to pass the level 5 times, it gives you the opportunity to ask your friends on Facebook to give you a life.  Interacting with your friends, you not only drag more friends to play it, but also you give life to your friends to allow them to play longer. To finish one episode you have to ask three friends to allow you to open the next episode. That is a successful sign of a game or a startup business, whether the business product can engage people and virally spread out.   

Money Crush

There are always some people who don’t have the patience to wait for their friends’ help.  They will pay $1.99 to unlock new episodes, or buy extra moves, or special candies.  Here is where the money comes from. I bet you King.com who developed the game are fat and rich now.

Crush your IQ or EQ, you tell me!

Some of my friends just have finished about 50 levels, and they think it is a pure luck, and that after several tries, you will eventually pass the level. However, it is wrong, every level has different obstacles, and requires you to have different strategies. Some times package candies are really handy to break brick quickly, but in some levels, you would rather create a stripe rather than a package.  How do you create your special candy by yourself. Every move is counted to your short term or long term strategy because the move is limited.  Each time when you going to the next level, it will show you the path, which also shows where you are among all the friends who are playing too.  You are competing with your friends on the map, you can see who are leading and who are stuck in the level for a long time.  

Crush Technology

My phone Samsung Galaxy S4 recently reminds me who played today and who played this week amongst my friends.  I won’t ask them to give a life if they haven’t played for a long time.  It will add possibility for your friends to response back.  Obviously, Kings.com is developing and make the game smarter and smarter.

No Angry on Angry Birds! Happy Candy Crush!

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