I went shopping to get some warmer clothes and gloves last week, because the entire week, the temperature was 19F on average.  I went to different stores (Gucci, Kate Spade, Coach) felt it might be too late to get winter stuff, as many stores have been decorated in a spring tone with yellows, greens, and pinks donned by the models. 

Even though it might represent the fashion trend, is it too early to promote spring clothes and accessories in January, one of the coldest months in the year?  A lot of companies in the fashion industry complain about how bad the economy impact is, however, even though people have demands they don’t have enough products to meet the needs.  I wonder who will buy the spring products in the 19 F weather.  Those thin clothes and light color makes me feel colder.   

Not sure how fashion merchandise works for stores at this moment.  They need not only follow the fashion trend, but also follow a lot of trends: such as weather and demand.  They definitely are not operating just-in-time otherwise I can still get a pair of leather gloves even without discount, they can sit and eat more profit. 

4/19/2013 08:59:35 pm

One of the most optimistic trends for spring 2013th certainly is - a collage. Just like artists and designers for the upcoming season associated different materials unusual textures, strong colors and colorful prints.

9/26/2013 09:20:46 pm

Always looking for a piece of clothing that best suits

10/2/2013 01:31:46 am

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10/5/2013 07:50:22 pm

I wonder if there are unique shirt designs


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