@Apple, Apple always seeks perfection on design and innovation.  Its cutting-edge technology and solutions always leads the world trend.

@HermanMiller,  The high end designed furniture manufacturer I interned with, it has a strong brand legacy, and spends long time and emphasis in seeking the balance of customer comfort and aesthetic, also they are concerning long-sustainability for the corporate, social responsibility and community development, and never promote its CSR in the public.

@Facebook, It has changed the world communication: the way people connect, the platform brands can reach more people and interact with them in order to get more accurate feedback of what market and customer needs.

@Linkedin, it professionally links people in the career or business paths, opens more opportunities for business and professions.

@Google: It always has brain-storming new ideas coming out, always respect employees great idea and leverage to be commodities to improve the technology to benefit for human being.
10/8/2013 09:01:59 am

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