Five weeks ago, I started work being an international legal conference producer. I am researching, and interviewing people in China from law firms and in-house counsel to get some conference topic ideas, and inviting speakers to the forums. I feel it is a perfect job for me. 

I have a huge network of high-level lawyers from Paul Hastings.  They even introduced me to a couple of lawyers in the legal area I will conduct my conference.  There are also a bunch of people who left Paul Hastings and went to different law firms or companies, which broadens my networks.   It is also easy for me to find another new lawyer through their introductions.  

The schedule could not be any better for me.  I go to the office 1:00pm- 5:00pm, and then go home to conduct telephone interviews from 8:30pm -11:45pm.  I am totally a night person, and in the morning I can sleep in and run with my dog.  Some times I do have one call in the morning, and I put more time in the morning to research as I am still new to the job and legal issues, but I don’t mind at all spending more time doing my best for the job I love.  Between 5:00pm - 8:30pm, I can go home, walk my dog, yoga, cook some dinner and still relax.  

I will travel to Shanghai for business purpose 5-6 times a year.  It never could better for me as my parents are in Shanghai.

I can't help considering it is most easily for an MBA student go back to what you did before.  It will accumulate your experience and your knowledge together, rather than give up totally what you experienced and start up from a brand new area.  I think the job is perfect, and I’m even learning a lot of legal terminology, I feel I could become an expert in the field  Working hard for the business that I’m excited about, I think I will do a good job on the China conference producer position.

D, I. L.
9/9/2012 06:14:34 am

Very happy for you.
Is Jon as enamored?
What's with the Xu? Thought you were a Hegrani


Thanks for sharing such a nice info with us.I appreciate this blog.


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