In the regular life, especially in the business world, people are networking all the time in the US - this is what we were taught first day I went to MBA.  I was thinking only China or Asia countries are high content and using relationship (Guanxi) to introduce jobs and doing business.  I was so surprised that the US does the same thing, but they are more formal, natural and transparent.  When I see so many people finding internships and jobs through their contacts including friends, friend’s friends, formal colleagues, Alumni, and even the person they just met once, I can’t help believing that this is a networking world.  The traditional or old style of online application becomes almost impossible to find a job because I am competing with thousands of people with similar backgrounds for one position.  You have to think of other strategies, among which the most effective way is networking.

I attended Marketing Mixer New York Meetup on Thursday.  I felt it was a great event.  Many people having the same passion - marketing - gather together.  I tried to talk to as many people as I could.  I first talked to a girl, like me, looking for a job.  Then another lady sought for a change from adverting agency to in house.  There is also a head hunter collected more candidates data in the field.   Some of the in-house marketers seemed to be good friends and laughed and drank a lot.   I also saw some agencies tried to hook up with in-house marketing department to get business.  Some digital marketing consultant wanted to find a new startup, some small business owners tried to use some marketing tools.  I felt the entire marketing world is connected at that moment.  The meetup was filled by steaming hot atmosphere of networking discussion.  

I have to admit it, in this new social networking era, the technology provides us with a good tool - mobile.  Exchanging business cards is out of date.  I can directly find them on LinkedIn and add them as my contacts, or worse case take a photo of their business card to become digitalized.  E-mail is not the only way to connect people, I can use social media to link them on different dimensions.  I can show them my website to promote myself and my marketing skills.  Don’t forget to follow up those contacts, I used all the energy to talk to people and tried to attract their interested.  I have sent some e-mails to those people the next day, who potentially can help me with my career.  

A lot of marketers are excited about the city.  They think the networking here is the most active and greatest thing in the world.  They encouraged me that New York has all kinds of opportunities, the essential thing is to know people who can help you connect to the chance.  I have to push myself to break my conservative Asian characters to be really socialized.   I need to spend more time and energy than national people to add more people into my circle.  At the same time, I also need to read and learn more about the new things on marketing, and practice it on my website to show people I have the talent, hire me!!! 

5/14/2013 03:05:56 pm

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