I always wanted to take Oliver (my border collie dog) to the Duboce dog park to play with other dogs, or take him to the Golden Gate Park to join me for the outdoor Saturday Yoga, but Muni doesn’t allow dogs, we don’t’ have a car, either, and a lot of times Uber doesn’t take dogs. I have to leave Oliver at home on the glorious sunny weekends.

What if Uber has a new product line Uber Woof, which guarantees to take dogs, so dog owner won’t waste time to order another Uber if the driver doesn’t allow your dog on board.  I asked a lot of people, they are willing to pay $5-10/trip extra for the dog ride.  It could be a potential new product line for Uber to generate more income without any costs as long as drivers are game for.  Uber Woof drivers also know in advance that people will have dogs, so they can even make preparation to have a blanket to protect the seat and to avoid too much hair and drooling situation.

Just an interesting thought from the user point of view under the competition with Lyft and in such a dog friendly country.

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