I started to like New York more and more since Danielle (@dmfazio) talked to me about a lot of interesting events and activities I should attend.  She told me that she made a lot of friends through @Meetup and @Urban girl squad etc.  She told me with excitement that there are so many interesting events in New York City I can go to, and get chances to meet new friends and to network, such as free Yoga, cupcake class, and running clubs.  When she talked to me about all sorts of activities, she even seemed to have some “clouds” over her head showing happiness and passion about this city.  I went to meetup.com when I got back home.  On my meetup calendar, one day there are at least 3 free events.  I am really interested in Yoga, so that I can show my high-level skills and easily to make friends there.  However, even on the same day, there are two free yoga classes, I feel if I want to attend several events I have to write down on my calendar otherwise the schedule will be easily conflicted. Now I am getting excited too, I start to feel I will never get bored in this city.  

I chose the closest Yoga class to our apartment, which is at the gym in an elementary school. It was the BEST Yoga I have ever had.  The instructor is Thai, I guess. Rather than ask us to follow her own flow, the instructor asked students what they want to focus on.  She customized the requests and came up with the poses.  Rather than demo the poses, the she explained them very detailed and pointed out each students' wrong poses.  When we were doing meditation, she told us some zen to meditate.  She told us this year is the Chinese Year of Water Dragon.  Dragon is the special powerful zodiac among the 12 zodiac animals because it doesn’t really exist.  But dragon’s body is combined by other part of different animals, such as it has fish skin, snake tail, chicken claw, and deer horn.   That normal parts of the other animals stitched together making dragon so powerful.  I am a Chinese, never thought and heard dragon this way though.   Moreover, she taught us: as human being, we also play different roles in our life, how to combine the different roles as friends, daughters, wife, and sisters, together and make ourselves powerful is the essence of Yoga.   I don’t know how much foreigners can understand what she said, but by twisting my body at that time, I felt super powerful.

Then @hegranes, the social Savvy sent me another surprise that @opentable_ny has the NYC restaurant weeks, from Jan 16 - Feb 10 (Mon-Fri), in which over 200 middle-high end restaurants in New York offer three-course lunch for $24, and three-course dinner for $35.  What a deal!  I can’t help asking my boyfriend to take me to the most expensive restaurants in New York, oh yeah, we don’t go to cheap one, we just go to the most expensive one, because they are only $35 for the dinner.  Can you believe it in NYC? So many people are complaining it to be rocky high expensive.  I love the deal so much.  We tried to book a table either in the attached bar at Jean George or Nobu next door on Friday, but it looked like all the smart New Yorkers already taken the seats there.  It turned out we booked a traditional French in a 1930’s building called Petrossian, on Friday night dinner.  I got Soup du Jour (mushroom soup), Oven Roasted Atlantic Cod (Butter Beans, Bacon Lardons, Sautéed Cabbage,
Romesco Sauce) and German Chocolate Brownie as dessert.  Such a nice restaurant and fabulous food.

Even though I am staying at home, getting moved in, and job hunting, I still feel as if my life is busy and jam-packed with excitement.  I can get a little bored, especially when living in the same city for a long time.  I told a lot of friends that I am a city girl, I am from a cosmopolitan city - Shanghai, I need one after another interesting and new things to keep me busy.  However, Manhattan shows me what the real typical signature cosmopolitan is.  I am so glad that I am a part of city, a part of a new New Yorker.  I also thought only this dynamic city has more opportunities and needs for a talent who has an “interesting” background (a term commonly used by recruiters when looking at my resume).

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