Nobu is not a simply restaurant, it is a luxury brand, it is an upscale experience, which most of people won’t have the opportunity to enjoy. 

On Christmas Eve, I got the chance to go to Nobu, Known as “Iron Chef” Masaharu Morimoto who used to be its executive chef.  Morimoto is a famous Japanese fusion chef. Based on traditional Japanese ingredients, he develops New York-style Japanese food, and Nobu continues to carry his fusion style.  That is why I - a Japanese food fan- have no idea about parts of the menu, and ask a lot of questions to the waiter.  Another word, majority people there, if they go to Nobu for the first time, they have no idea what they will get and present.  They just go there to experience the best “Japanese food” in Los Angeles.  The top reputation also comes with the high price. We ordered 3 glasses of champion, 4-5 small dishes, and 2 desserts, but were suggested by the smiling waiter to order more sushi dishes.  However, we normally eat less to reach the happy degree, but it costs us almost $300.  I will think on average, people will spend $200 per person here, and eat the food which they have no idea.  Why?  Just like me, many people want to experience the brand, luxury lifestyle, and upscale food.

The dishes had amazing and unique tastes.  They either use traditional ingredients with western source or with western cooking style.  The presentation is elegant, plate layouts even are designed into the details. The environment is gorgeous. The theme is white and red, and the lamps look like Silkworm cocoon - very stylish.  The service is flawless; they change customers dishes between every course.  And also, if you are lucky enough, you will have chance to see some celebrities dining there.  Those elements make me really feel that a high-end brand is established by integrating all kinds of details which establish amazing emotional value, including the restroom design.

I feel the night was amazing, the best Christmas Eve ever, because of 360 degree of  the astonishing experience, and I feel so happy and worthy of it. Maybe Nobu should be opened in Shanghai, I bet it will successful.  There are tons of people who would want to experience this world class luxury and upscale brand.

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