While I am looking for a full-time job in NYC, I have 3 part-time jobs now, which keep me busy.  I don’t feel too tired from the jobs; interestingly, I feel more energetic and efficient for my time management.

I am doing a marketing consulting project for Global Press Institute (GPI), a Non-profit media organization, educating, empowering, and employing women in the developing countries for journalism.  I was moved by those amazing stories reported by the local women trained by GPI, who used to be hopeless refugees, drop-out students, powerless housewives, rape victims, and even sex workers.  I want to use my marketing knowledge and social media experience to help GPI increase its brand awareness and let more and more people know about its good cause, so that they can be encouraged to help GPI together to empower more and more women.  The biggest result so far are the Pinterest boards I created for GPI, which is now a Top 10 traffic source to their website.  I also talked to founder about cohort marketing analysis to categorize different customers and target them with different market strategies. 

I just joined the Chinese Link, which is a Chinese organization helping Chinese People have more networking in the US, as a marketing specialist.  I feel we have so many talented Chinese in the US, but it’s difficult to find a job not because of qualifications, but because of lack of networks.  I really appreciate how such an organization can be a platform for Chinese people to share interests, organize events and help Chinese to network in order to make friends, find a job and have a better life in a foreign county.

I also work as a marketing survey monitor every other day to get a little bit income in my pocket.  I also think it is a great way to practice my pronunciation, my communication skills, and my approaching skill.  It is a fun thing that you can use different strategies to approach different people with different backgrounds - another chance to network.
Now we have our dog buddy -Oliver. I feel I get another job -a dog sitter, but it is so much fun to have a smart dog.  I still apply for a full time job which could realize my value of MBA, and also keep on running every other day.  

The more things I have done, the more satisfied feeling I have by the end of day.  My life is no busiest, only is busier.

5/14/2012 09:44:27 pm

well done, girl! how amazing you have 3 jobs, wait, including dog sitter 4 jobs now. you're almost there. things are getting better and better, isn't it?

5/16/2012 05:42:10 am

I think so. Thanks for always reading my blog.

5/18/2012 01:06:28 pm

Hi Jacqueline, good to know you are all good in NYC. I will be spending a year there from this August. Hope we can catch up soon!

5/18/2012 01:20:10 pm

will you go study at Columbia?


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