Just like a girl will become popular when she has lots of fans around and talking about her, brands also work the same way.  Traditional word-of-month, more and more people will be influenced by the brands and products that their friends' recommends.  Nowadays, we have dynamic channels to reach more people and influence them, least of which being social media.  As a couple of people like the brands, the people in their circles and across their graphs will start to pay attention to the brands through the reviews and comments online.  

Though the channels are there already,  we still need to attract people in the first place.  If the brands don't have any unique "selling" points or keywords competing to others, it is difficult to attract people's attention.  Products and services seek for innovation to refresh people's "boring" life.  Personal brand also needs to do so.  Thinking about how different you are to be outstanding through keyword, title, objective, and website.  Why people need to follow you versus other people in the similar pool (marketers).  Positioning yourself to speak the right message and to show your brand attitude is really essential to push your personal brand.  Just like I put some keywords on my bio or CV, such as trilingual, china business, Asia business development or maybe it is the combination of them, have won me more replies and followers.  

It is not totally magic; it needs some strategies behind your brand to win the first batch of fans.  It takes a while and a lot of thinking and work to be a successful brand.  We need to be patient and keep on trying different approaches to establish the our personal brands and of course those of our favorite products.

7/9/2012 08:39:08 pm

Branding is related to the popularity of any thing.If we want to create a brand of our self then we have to create some unique thing in us.


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