Recently,  I wrote to Marketing Daily Editor to suggest some Social Media marketing strategy.  

I read the excellent column - Everyone Wants A Piece Of Vast Chinese Market, When I finished reading it and tried to share the wonderful article.  But I couldn't find any share buttons to share with my friends and connections.  Also when I wanted to leave some good comments about the article on the website, it asked me to sign in first.   When I saw it, I naturally didn't want to go further any more, because I don't know how many further steps and time takes me to finally leave a comment.  

I was wondering how the website and article can go viral to reach more people through reviews and recommendations via the massive social media platform.  I think it will be really easy and cost saving to copy some social media icon code and paste on the website to enable to be shared with friends and connections rather than e-mail subscription and linkedIn ads display.  I recently add share to my blog as well to bring more traffic, and I am a marketing person.  For the comments, there is an excellent comments provider -Disqus, which is easy for people to share their idea with sign-in by their facebook or twitter accounts, just one step process.   A lot of professional publishers and media are using it, and basic core version is free to use. 

I think as a marketing publisher in this social media era, they need to really improve their platform so that they can really lead the marketing trend.
6/20/2012 11:10:59 pm

Nice definition about the social media.I like the blog post to read.Thanks a lot for the blog to share.

6/24/2012 06:40:43 pm

Nice tips. I like it.

9/19/2012 10:14:50 pm

You are absolutely right I see all this for my articles and blog and I am also surprised that social media has taken the position of seo for traffic generation.


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