A lot of people think my biggest achievement as a runner is I finish marathons, but I think it will be so many people being convinced by me to run.  

They get me back and were excited to tell me how they feel good about the running, how they lost weight, how they feel healthy, how they build up confidence on everything, and how they become good at time management.  Some of them even told me some mobile apps to use while running.  I am so glad to lead them into the different world, which @toshi112556 led me to.  

I am not crazy, I just feel good about myself and tell other people and friends my own story.  Physically, I become healthy and seldom sick, and don't need to worry about gaining weight.  Always preserving the time to run makes me arrange for the time efficiently. Mentally, I also feel strong because It trained my persistence and I believe I can conquer anything if I finish the marathon- 26.2 miles. It taught me some strategies to break the big difficulties into small little ones by applying the 6:1 technique.  It is a true story.  That is why I commit to be a runner for the rest of my life.  Uhmmm, maybe I am crazy, I am willing to be called crazy, because that craziness will lead me to a successful life.

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