Today is my last day in LA, I moved here from Arizona since mid sept, and looked for some opportunity here.  I lived around beach area for the half time and korea town for the half time. I enjoyed it.  Southern California has unbeatable weather and beaches, interesting and strange street scene, and delicious korea food and coffee.   I will definitely miss the unique street fruits and ice cream truck and running every day on the street to discover some interesting things such as food stamp, water station and EBT.   

Although I didn’t find some opportunity here.   I met some difficulties such as people are not hiring international people, getting few responses from my application, and not popular in the job fairs.  But I learned a lot during this three months.  I learn how to position myself, how to establish my own personal brand, and how to approach the companies I am interested.  

We will move to NYC this coming new year.   Our new life will start there in NYC, the most exciting cosmopolitan city in the world.  I wish my talent will be explored in the city with such a dynamic culture.  I am ready for the new year, new life and new interesting discovery.  Welcome to my world, NYC!!!

12/29/2011 11:44:49 am

Excited to have you in the Big Apple!

12/29/2011 01:12:07 pm

Thanks, James. See you in the new year!!!


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