I always have a lot of thoughts when I passed musicians in the subway earning quarters.   They are so talented, however they don’t have the right place to play to earn the equal money they should get.  I can’t help to thinking of a lot of myself, having 18-year high level education, working for global business for 8 years, speaking three languages fluently, can not find a right marketplace to realize my own value so far, as many of my other talented MBA fellows.

As a business person, I feel such an emergency that the business world needs to create all kinds of marketplaces to not only allow the right products and services to be known, discovered and utilized by more and more customers, just like a lot of startups; but also allow the right talents to be known, discovered, and be hired by the right company and right position in return those products, services, and talents can redeem their real values. 

More and more startups are coming out to create different small-to-middle size marketplaces to link the products, services and talent to the customers. 

For example, Quirky is an interesting company that converts regular people’s product design ideas to marketable products.  It could be a weekend local market shopping bag, or BBQ citrus spray, it also provides a platform allowing other people contribute their talents to the product development including, computing, design, engineering, and marketing in their online community.  It also provides mass manufacturing and distribution channels for products.  People who create or contribute ideas are able to get paid for the portion of their products.   I was encouraged by Quirky creating such a brilliant market place for even contributing to name the products - get your value realized.  

LinkedIn is another company to create a marketplace. For job seekers, they are able to talk to employers directly via InMail, which can highlight the applications among thousands of application with short customized messaging.  They are able to see who will connect to the company they apply and ask the connection to make an introduction.  Business development or sales people can use LinkedIn to find the targeted people they need to talk to.  I even think on the B2B sector, LinkedIn will have huge potential to grow for business development and sales purposes.  

We are so lucky in this everything is possible entrepreneurship environment.  I hope more and more startups can let new products, services and talents flow easily on the wants-and-needs stream.  I also hope I could help them to build more marketplaces so as not to waste products, services and talents.

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