I read @briansolis' new blog- The Rise of digital Darwinism.  Feel it is so true. The marketing is even different between 2009-2011 when I went to business school.  What we taught in school about the traditional marketing is lack of market now. Because we are all focusing on digital marketing in the field.  

Followed by the digital technology improvement, marketers will have more and more different channels to reach customers, also have to develop different strategies upon every channel to meet customer's satisfaction and market needs.  Listening to customers will be the accurate orientation to be able to sustain longer in this marketing revolutionary era.  Engaging and interacting with customers to get insight, being always in beta stage to continuously optimize marketing strategies, and adopting more advanced channels and technologies quickly to figure out the best solutions for the products and services are the only ways to survive in this new marketing evolution.

2/28/2012 11:37:33 am

I lake that pictures, we have a similar one in our office!!:D

7/9/2012 07:14:25 pm

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9/30/2012 01:27:46 pm

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6/28/2013 05:31:52 pm

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7/19/2013 05:13:05 am

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8/8/2013 12:09:59 am

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