Have you thought about how much time you are wasting by waiting for things? Waiting for the result and approval, waiting for the seats and bus, waiting at the casher in the supermarket, waiting for a new product launched, and waiting for the people you love and baby you expected.  

There is a novel “Waiting” talking about a woman waiting for love and settle down to be married for 30 years.  You will be amazed how can she wait for 30 years, but when you add the total waiting time you have wasted, you will also be surprised how much time you have wasted, and how much mental energy you have spent on waiting.  I need to wait 10 hours on the flight from US to China!  

If you can calculate, you had waste one hour/day, which is at least,  until your 70-year-old you had already wasted 3 years.  If we can use those waiting time or shorten those waiting time, our lives and work will be so much more efficient.  It needs more people cooperate, better communicate, transparent system, and better plan.  Technology will definitely be helpful, apps will tell us how many minutes we need to wait for the bus, and whether we have seats immediately at the restaurant. Even recently we don’t need to wait for the check at a restaurant; just pay on the mobile when you finish eating.   

Time is limited. Are there better solutions to minimize the time you are waiting?  People who can solve the waiting / wasting problem are essentially inventing time machines.

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