Last Sunday, I went to a Lululemon Free Yoga Class for the first time.  The level of the Lululemon class is in the very high level in terms of the attendees and the difficulty of the class.  The yoga teacher gave very fast instructions in original Yoga terminology with few demonstrations.  But most all of the Yogis can follow the instruction and even half of them can do the crane pose and the hand-stand.  

Similar to when I’ve tried other yoga studios or gyms in the city, I feel I couldn’t show off my flexibility or yaga skills any more and can barely do some of the very difficult poses (e.g. the hand stand). More and more, Western girls and women have become really flexible and powerful by practicing Yoga; whereas 5 years ago, I could totally show off in every yoga studio as an Asian person,  while American complained their genetic body is not flexible at all, who barely touch their foot bending over.  Through long years healthy concentration and yoga practice, a lot of Americans can show off their yoga skill in front of Asian People.  I even feel threatened how strong their core strengths are.  

Genetic condition is bullshit, fate is crap, which are the excuses or boundaries prevent people to conquer the challenges.  You can change your genetic condition through smart practice.  You can change your fate by your continuous efforts.  I have trained to be a strong marathon runner, who once caught colds almost once every month.  I came to US to realize my American dream by my strong determination and persistent trying.

You can change the fate, if you want to, if you put in your effort, if you try hard and smartly.  Stop complaining about the situation or condition any more. Human Beings mean to dominate your own life and fate. As my mom always says, “whatever the path you are going, it is your own choice.”

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